The title of this post is a dead giveaway but there’s more to it than just “oh she’s starting a vlog” or “oh great another blogger turned vlogger”. No. My Doctor was the one who pushed and encouraged me to make one in order to help alleviate my depression. She wants me to be able to share all of the things in my head, record everything and store it and revisit it in order to be able to understand what my conscience is telling me. She knows the drill, the audience will just see the edited version, but what’s important to her is the RAW file. Those unedited clips that shows my body language, speech and how I communicate to “someone” (i.e. camera).

So yes, I am starting a vlog mainly for maintaining my sanity and therapeutic reasons. I’ll be sharing all the things that strike my fancy ranging from fashion, to travel, to beauty, to lifestyle and yes even how I cope with my depression. I know I’m not alone so I’d like to use my vlog as an avenue to lighten every viewers’ feelings. I know all of us are undergoing some sort struggle in life so I’d like to be able to use my vlog to at least bring joy or a bit of distraction from whatever heavy emotion one is feeling. Hit like or subscribe if you want to stay tuned! Would greatly appreciate it if you do! If not well thanks for stopping by! 🙂

I dedicate this first vlog to my childhood bestie Nicole. She said for a first vlog I should do a 50 Facts About Me one and so I did. Warning you all now that this will be quite long! It’s just 16mins of your time yeah? 😉

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