Retail Therapy

Whenever someone talks about shopping, I immediately think of Blair Waldorf. The woman is practically the epitome of it. That famous line of hers relating happiness to retail is always the first phrase to pop up. November has been such a roller coaster ride for me that for some reason I thought retail therapy would be the solution to all my woes.


Although it may be true for Queen B herself but apparently that isn’t always the case for a vast majority of us. In real life, retail therapy will only go so far in terms of happiness. It’s a good – yet expensive – distraction. I’ve fallen in the rabbit hole so deep I can’t go back.

Let me make it clear that even though some of the stuff that I purchased were impulsive buys… I’m actually quite happy buying all of them. It made me look forward to the next day. It did alleviate the heaviness that I felt inside and that’s a good thing. Everyone loves a good shopping spree every now and then and since I rarely spend, I found my retail therapy enjoyable and somewhat fulfilling. Here’s a glimpse of my retail haul. I nabbed these from various brands and places (i.e. bazaars).


If you have the time, I even made a video about them because apparently my inner shoppaholic is quite inspired to share this materialistic adventure. So inspired that I decided to share all that I’ve bought in one video. I apologize in advance if its too long for someone to watch, go easy on me I’m still starting to get used to vlogging.

So voila! I hope you guys enjoy this 3 mins retail therapy vlog!


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