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Tokyo, Japan

A year ago I explored this beautiful city. Feast your eyes on all its wonder. The complexity and the systematized way of living of the Japanese is without question, inspiring. Old meets new and tradition meets change, fused and you have the capital of the land of the rising sun; Tokyo.

It was vibrant than I’ve ever expected. As per usual, I lugged with me my heavy camera and snapped every scene I could. These photographs don’t give much justice as I would say and therefore I apologize. To be quite honest, I’d hop on the next flight to Japan if only I could, unfortunately when you’re working you don’t get that much leisure to travel and visit beautiful destinations like this.

There are more photos from Tokyo but I don’t want to bombard one post with all 4000 of them (kidding! maybe just a couple hundreds). I’d love to go back and visit my friends! “Soon, I promise.” has been gravely over used and I’m certain that when I get there, and I will get there, my friends would welcome me with a slap in the face along with a “What on earth took you so long?!?” in Nihonggo.


Photos by Me

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