Zara Haul & Sale Tips

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A couple of things to consider when going into a Zara sale or any sale in general:

  1.  Knowing your size for every garment type matters. It’s going to be packed so you want to always keep your size in mind so all you have to do is grab and go, if you don’t well Tip #2 is for you.
  2. Come early. It’s a sale darling. Treat them like you’re going to a meeting. Punctuality is key if you want to score the best of the best. Also, you’ll shop faster and score fitting room sessions.
  3. Consider the items that you have at home. When picking out Sale items make sure that you can pair them with what you already have in your closet.
  4. Wear clothes that are easy to remove. Getting in line for the fitting rooms will take a lot of time. In order to save time, maybe consider wearing a dress, or a shirt and a pair of shorts.
  5. If possible just bring a small bag with you. You’ll be going up and down the store so travel light.
  6. Always keep in mind that what you see is what you get. When you know to yourself that it’s the only one left on the rack and it’s the only size, don’t waste your time asking the sales associate for another size because chances are that’s all that is left. They put all the items that are for sale out and not stashed in the stockroom.
  7. If you can, don’t wear makeup or wear the lightest of the light makeup. When fitting garments, you don’t want what you’re fitting to end up in the damage pile. That’s just unfair.
  8. If you’re half-hearted about an item don’t get it. Trust me sweetie. You’ll be able to live without it. Plus you’ll be able to save money.
  9. Do not fight someone over an item. Respect. If he/she has already got it. That’s just the way the tide rolls. If the person doesn’t get it, then go. Keep it cool and classy.
  10. Come prepared. Chances are you will go above and beyond what you initially want so if possible bring lots of cash. That already includes your extra money if you go beyond your budget (to which I suggest you don’t, but if you rarely shop and you can’t fight the urges anymore, then yes bring tons of cash).

So that’s it. Got me 5 items from a Zara sale. Fell in love with those bright yellow orange colors and bold reds. Time to switch it up a bit. Bringing in some color whenever I go into the office. If you guys are wondering how much I got all of these for? Well I got them all for a whopping Php1065.00 ($22). Not bad Lea. Not bad.


Photos by Me. Clothes and Fringed Heels are from Zara


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