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BarbieHair2You know that moment when you get a new pretty notebook with nothing on it and you were just itching to put something in there? That’s how I feel at this very second while you’re reading this post. That’s right folks; my blog is starting over.

Over the last year, series of events took place that may have hindered me from writing here. That and when I got back to school I got so busy with all the workload since I was part of the graduating class. Recently I’ve decided to go back into the hobby of writing solely for my sanity. I used to keep a journal (literally a pen and a notebook) to keep track of what’s been going on with my life, storing memories, pictures and the like. I wanted to see if I could very well translate that over here on my blog. With that being said, this would be that one place where I’m allowed to tell ALL. I’m such a straightforward person behind the screen so in my opinion that should clearly resonate all throughout this blog, after all this is an extension of me as an individual.

I am making this clear for you: This blog will contain what I want it to contain. Just like a scrapbook filled with everything anyone wants it to have. Therefore I will be very open with certain topics that would fall under my personal life, my travels, the food I eat, what I wear, and what my day to day life will consist. I might even share some of the intellectual (and not so intellectual) conversations I have with the people that surround me and even the people I meet over time.

I want to be able to share all the silly things that I’ve come across all through my days as a fashion student and probably share some nostalgic memories from when I was a regular college student at De La Salle University. I want to train my mind to no longer be pressured to write. I don’t want to compromise anymore or live in a standard niche blog just like how everybody else who is into blogging nowadays. I felt that I was trying too hard the past year… which is probably one of the reasons why I wasn’t able to write on a daily basis. This time would be different.

I hope to be able to share well curated photos and on occasion some personal silly ones. I want you to think of this not as a blog but as a diary filled with different events, stories, and just about anything you can think off. For now that’s how I want this blog to be.

I want to use this as a platform to able to inspire others in any way that I can. I want to be able to engage in conversation with whoever is reading my blog. So yes, that would mean that if you have something to share or you find a post of mine relatable, I want to be able to get to know you. Don’t be shy to share with me what you think about a post of mine. You can drop me an e-mail or you may comment below the post. That way you can inspire me too. Uy cheesy! It’s true though. Cheesy but true. I’d also like to let you know that every now and then I’d insert Filipino lingo into my post. I am Filipino as I was born, raised and currently residing in the sunny Republic of the Philippines. Don’t worry, those words will be marked with an asterisk (*) and at the very bottom of the post you’ll see its meaning and/or English counterpart. I’ll probably do that with other languages too throughout some travel posts I wish to share with you over the next couple of weeks.


Hopefully I’ll be able to post the a couple of entries containing some of the events that took place last year — the highlights at least. After that, something dedicated to my #RoadToGradshow experience. I know many of you would like to know what it’s like preparing a fashion collection as it is an interesting topic so I might as well use my blog to try and explain it all into detail. Keep in mind that this is written from the point of view of a [then] fashion student. Mind you, that’ll be a very long post. I’ll try to be as accurate and concise as possible, after all I did promise to tell all. I’ll share what its like being a fashion student – the perks, the misconceptions, the good and the bad. Keep in mind that both those entries are quite long and may take some time before I post them. Oh gods of time management hear my plee!

Aside from sharing things that recently (and not so recently) happened, I will also share where I am right now with life in general. Where has my 18 years of education and life experiences brought me.

So without further ado, I give you The Lucky Wonder 2.0 and I hope you enjoy every bit of it.

Photo by Russell Tañoco

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